Which are the Cheapest Place to Live in UK?

Introduction to the : “Cheapest Place to Live in UK”

In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK housing market, the quest for affordable living has become a paramount concern for many, particularly in finding the “Cheapest Place to Live in UK.” With the cost of living steadily rising and the housing market experiencing significant shifts, the focus has turned towards identifying regions in the UK where affordability aligns with quality of life. This comprehensive exploration delves into various UK regions, highlighting those that offer affordability without compromising on modern living essentials

Understanding the dynamics of the housing market is crucial in this context. The Price to Earnings (PE) ratio, a critical measure of housing affordability, plays a significant role in determining value for money in property investment and living costs. As reported by Forbes, the UK housing market has seen its share of ups and downs, with average house prices experiencing notable changes. This fluctuation underscores the importance of choosing a location based on its potential for future stability and growth, not just its current market value.

The impact of the cost of living crisis is another critical factor. It has become a determining factor in housing choices, with areas offering a lower cost of living becoming increasingly attractive for their immediate financial relief and long-term economic stability.

In the following sections, we will delve into the specifics of various UK cities and regions, examining their affordability in terms of average house prices, living costs, and overall quality of life. From the bustling streets of Manchester to the historic charm of Durham, and from the cultural richness of Belfast to the academic excellence of Cambridge, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to the cheapest places to live in the UK.

1: Understanding Affordability in the UK Housing Market

Affordability and the PE Ratio

  • Affordability: This term refers to how economically feasible it is for individuals and families to reside in a particular area, considering income levels against living expenses.
  • Price to Earnings (PE) Ratio: This crucial real estate metric indicates the ratio of average house prices to average annual income. Lower PE ratios often signal more affordable areas.

The Cost of Living’s Impact

  • Living Costs: This encompasses expenses such as utility bills, groceries, and transportation. Regions with lower living costs are often more appealing for their affordability.
  • Average Income Considerations: The balance between earnings and housing costs is vital. Areas where salaries align favorably with living expenses are often more sustainable for residents.

2: Top Affordable Cities in the UK for 2023

Durham, North East England

  • Affordability: Known for its historical significance and lower cost of living.
  • Housing Market: Offers a blend of cultural attractions and affordable housing options.

Belfast, Capital of Northern Ireland

  • Living Costs: Lower than many UK cities, coupled with rich cultural experiences.
  • Housing Market: Competitive prices, making it an attractive option for families and professionals.


  • Student Appeal: Home to reputable universities, offering affordable living for students.
  • Housing Market: A balanced market with reasonable property prices and living costs.


  • Cultural Hub: Offers a mix of affordable living and vibrant cultural scenes.
  • Housing Market: Known for its reasonable property prices, especially in areas like Cardiff high street.

3: The North/South Divide in Housing Affordability

Northern Cities: Hull, Burnley, Dundee

  • Affordability: These cities are often more affordable than their southern counterparts.
  • Housing Market: Lower average house prices and living costs, appealing to a wide range of residents.

Southern Cities: London, Cambridge, Oxford

  • Higher Costs: Generally higher living and housing costs.
  • Economic Opportunities: Despite higher costs, these cities offer significant professional and academic opportunities.

4: Affordable Living for Different Demographics

Students and Families

  • Cities like Nottingham and Newcastle: Offer affordable living with access to quality education and family-friendly amenities.
  • Housing Options: Range from student accommodations to family homes at reasonable prices.

5: The Impact of Remote Working on Housing Choices

Remote Work Friendly Cities: Leicester, Sunderland

  • Affordability: These cities have become more attractive due to the rise of remote working.
  • Living Benefits: Offer a balance of affordable housing, good connectivity, and quality of life.

6: Navigating the Property Market: Tips for First-Time Buyers and Renters

Understanding the Market

  • Assessing Prices: Tips on evaluating property prices and rent in different regions.
  • Legal and Financial Considerations: Insights into agreements like Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common.

Predictions and Trends

  • Market Evolution: Discussion on how the housing market may change in terms of affordability.
  • Government Policies: The role of policies in shaping future housing affordability.

Conclusion for cheapest place to live in uk

Recap and Final Thoughts

  • Summary: A recap of the key points discussed about the most affordable places to live in the UK.
  • Encouragement: Motivating readers to conduct further research based on their needs.

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