When Does Autumn Start in the UK: Guide for 2024/2025

Understanding the Autumn Season in the UK

As we edge closer to 2024/2025, it’s essential to grasp the subtleties of the UK’s autumn season, renowned for its vivid leaf color transformations and significant temperature dips. This period of change and allure raises the question: “When does autumn start in the UK?” Knowing the answer is key to effectively organizing a range of activities, from cherished family holidays to delightful day excursions throughout the British Isles.

The Meteorological and Astronomical Autumn

There are two key ways to define the start of autumn in the UK: the meteorological and astronomical methods. The meteorological calendar simplifies the year into four seasons of three full months each, based on the Gregorian calendar. This system dictates that autumn in the UK spans from 1st September to 30th November. On the other hand, the astronomical definition is based on the Earth’s axis and orbit around the sun, particularly focusing on the autumn equinox. This year, the autumnal equinox falls on 23rd September 2023, marking the astronomical start of autumn.

The Significance of Equinoxes

The term ‘equinox’ is derived from Latin, meaning ‘equal night’. It signifies the days of the year when day and night are approximately equal in length. The autumn equinox is one of these unique days, marking a balance of daylight and darkness, a phenomenon deeply rooted in various cultural traditions and celebrations.

The Beauty of Autumn in the UK

Autumn in the UK is a time when nature showcases its most spectacular display. The leaves of trees like oaks and maples turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red, creating picturesque landscapes. This transformation is due to the breakdown of chlorophyll, the chemical that gives leaves their green colour, allowing other chemicals like carotene to become more prominent.

Weather Patterns and Activities

As the weather cools down, autumn becomes an ideal time for various activities. The October half-term break offers a perfect opportunity for families to enjoy the outdoors. From cosy countryside walks to exploring cities like London, where daylight hours start to reduce, autumn presents a different facet of the UK.

Travel and Holiday Opportunities

Autumn also brings with it numerous travel deals and opportunities for both local and international destinations. Beach holidays in the Canaries or city breaks in European capitals become more appealing with fewer crowds and lower prices. For those seeking winter sun holidays, destinations like the Maldives or the British Virgin Islands offer an escape from the cooler UK climate.

Preparing for Autumn 2024/2025

As we look towards autumn 2024/2025, it’s essential to be well-prepared. Understanding the weather patterns and planning accordingly can enhance the autumn experience. Whether it’s a day trip within the UK or a longer holiday abroad, being informed about the season’s characteristics is key.

Embracing the Season’s Offerings

Autumn is not just about the changing weather and scenery; it’s a season rich in cultural significance. Festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival in China and Michaelmas in the UK are celebrated during this time. These events reflect the historical and cultural importance of the autumn equinox and the season as a whole.

The Role of the Met Office in Autumn Predictions

The Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, plays a crucial role in providing accurate forecasts and information about the autumn season. Their data and predictions are invaluable for individuals and businesses alike, helping them make informed decisions related to travel, agriculture, and daily activities.

Autumn’s Impact on Lifestyle and Leisure

Autumn also influences various aspects of lifestyle and leisure. From fashion choices to culinary preferences, the season dictates a shift towards warmer and more comforting options. It’s a time when people start thinking about cosy indoor activities and preparing their homes for the colder months ahead.


As we anticipate the arrival of autumn in 2024/2025, understanding its different aspects helps us appreciate and make the most of this beautiful season. From the scientific explanations of its start to the cultural celebrations it inspires, autumn in the UK is a time of change, beauty, and reflection.

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